ACTS Syllabi & Rates

Tandem and Taildrag Endorsement - 2-6 hours for non-tail drag pilots

Off field (Bush) Check out - 2-4 hours of off field practice on gravel bars and bush strips

Mountain Flying and Formation - Low level training in mountainous terrain coupled with flight management - 2 to 4 hours

Pricing (Includes A/C and Instructor)

DescriptionElements Price
T & T Checkout Taildrag check out and endorsement $450/ hour
Bush / Mountain Checkout Appropriate off field elements /Mt. considerations and hazards Lead & Wing responsibilities $450/ hour
Touring For solo / PIC aircraft rentals ($10,000 insurance deductible collected prior to flying) $450/ hour

Bring your own Cub (Instructor only)

Description Elements Price
T & T Checkout Taildrag check out and endorsement $100/hour
Bush / Mountain Checkout Appropriate off field elements/ Mt. considerations and hazards $100/hour
Ground study and briefings Brief , debriefs and ground study in the field $80/hour

Refund Policy

Deposits are refunded only in the case of the death of a Client or Owners, non availability of aircraft or instructors, or adverse weather on all of your desired dates. Rescheduling is allowed to the extent that aircraft and instructors are available on other dates. Scheduling dates are only your intentions - nothing is booked until your deposit arrives and you receive a confirmation notice from ACTS.

 Information Request

To Schedule flying click on the email address below and include :

1. Your desired dates (2 days or more we add a weather day to your reservation, 5 days add two weather days.)

2. Desired flying events (usually within a few hours you can be ready for a "you-fly" tour.) During the bush, mountain flying training we plan for 3-4 flying hours a day or about 8 total with lunch and ground time. Please specify if you prefer only 1/2 days of training. (2 flying hours per day- 4 total).

3. Specify your "you -fly" interests and number in your party. We limit our tours to four aircraft ( 4 pilots & 6 total people ). We have excellent ideas and locations for your Alaska you-fly experience. An ACT instructor will accompany each tour largely for ground security of aircraft and assistance in the use of all our gear. Camping and survival gear is provided. Food for overnight trips is not. Stays at lodges and extra activities are added to your bill at ACTS cost.

4. Send / wire $5000.00 insurance deposit to reserve your dates and an bring an additional $5000 prior to your flying. (Personal checks or money orders preferred.) For credit card or Paypal deposits go to "A.C.T.S." drop down menu "About ACTS" page and bottom of the page there is a payment window for your deposit. Your dates are not reserved until we acknowledge by email that your deposit has been received (a day or two). Reserved dates can be moved at any time as long they don't conflict with other clients. At the end of your flying, will subtract your total bill from insurance deductible and refund any unused portion prior to your departure.